Insurance Programs We Offer

Transportation Insurance


One of the toughest classes in the Domestic Insurance Market. Our industry experienced staff know how to navigate the troubled waters of the trucking/commercial auto insurance space, making sure our customers experience is second to none.

Logging Insurance


Forestry risks present their own unique challenges. Our Logging and Lumbering savvy staff of Underwriters combines industry knowledge and market access to bring our clients the best products available in this class.

Contractors Insurance


As general and trade contractor insurance specialists, we understand the risks of the construction industry. We know how specific the industry is, what losses can do to your contractor clients, and how their insurance policy needs to reflect that.

Allied Health Insurance

Allied Health

Today’s healthcare system is complex and constantly changing, and requires flexible underwriting that can keep up. From in-store health clinics to adult day care to training schools, we offer a comprehensive menu of flexible coverage options for your clients.

Restaurant Insurance

Hospitality and Restaurants

Whether you are managing a hotel, are a food retailer or running a restaurant, businesses in the hospitality industry have a unique set of risks. We can offer insurance solutions to help your clients cost-effectively manage them.

Convenience Store Insurance

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Our programs span everything from neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores selling food, liquor, miscellaneous household supplies, gas sales, and catering to your local gas station.

Church Insurance

Religious Institutions and Schools

Religious Institutions typically provide everything from spiritual guidance and support to day care, sporting activities, schools, and camps.Our market access can deliver the best solutions for each of your client’s diverse insurance needs.

Contractors Equipment Insurance

Contractors Equipment

From construction to landscaping and excavation, businesses often rely on equipment to generate revenue. We understand the need to protect this valuable asset. We have access to many products that provide coverage for construction machinery, equipment and tools.

Meet our Company

We have over 20+ years of experience in placing insurance coverage for a diverse range of classes. Inspired by the lack of options in the traditional Domestic Insurance Market, our founders, Jeremiah P. O’Donovan and Marsha Smith, created Specialty Market Managers. Whether as a Program Manager, Captive Participant or a wholesale broker Specialty Market Managers has access to the insurance products your customers need.


Yes. We have relationships with several of the top premium financing companies and would be more than happy to provide you this option, just let your Underwriter know at the time of application and we will be sure to include with our quote.


We currently are focused on the Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States. The states we are currently writing in are AL, AR, DE, GA, LA, MD, MS, NC, PA, SC, TX, VA. If you are located outside of those states and have a book of business, you would like to roll please contact us.


Yes. We have several markets that write a very wide range of classes that will consider new venture submissions.


We have over 20+ years experience providing specialty insurance products and over 75% of our staff has worked on both the agency and company sides of the business.


The one thing we take the most pride in is our service. Our goal is to create a collaborative relationship with our brokers, which is why our underwriters and support staff are some of the most accessible in the industry.


Our flexibility and freedom from the normal bureaucracy of an insurance company have allowed us to create some of the most comprehensive coverage options in the industry.